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Lord of the Rings Aragorn Tankard 15.5cm

Officially Licensed Lord of the Rings Aragorn Tankard 15.5cm
EAN : 801269146061
Material :
Resin w/stainless steel inser
  • Lord of the Rings.
  • Aragorn Tankard.
  • Officially Licensed.
  • Size 15.5cm.


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The handle of this Tankard Is formed by the handle of the sword Narsil, the longsword wielded by King Elendil during the War of the Last Alliance, and used by his son, Isildur, to cut the One Ring from Sauron’s hand. It was later reforged into Andúril, and would become the sword of Aragorn. Around the base of the Tankard is the crown of Aragorn after he was crowned as King Elessar of Gondor, upon Sauron’s defeat. The detailing around the rim mirrors that of the Ring of Barahir and the sides show the White Tree of Gondor. His chainmail and armour form the background to the Tankard while the words ‘Lord of the Rings’ are emblazoned at the forefront. This exquisitely designed piece is cast as well as the finest ‘Elvish’ resin before being expertly hand-painted.


Height : 19 cm
Length : 25 cm
Width : 15 cm
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