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About us

WT&T is an independent company created in 1989 with the aim of introducing new technological tools to the French market. Its evolution and development have led it to the Interactive Leisure and Multimedia market, and more recently to that of POP culture.

The product range includes video games, consoles and accessories, as well as a complete line of derivative products under brand licenses from the world of video games, films and high-profile series.

These include licensed stuffed animals, collectible figurines and toys, as well as household items.

Our mission

WT&T’s mission is to be a significant player in the distribution of leisure products. Achieving this objective presupposes the search for the constant satisfaction of our business partners in order to meet their present and future needs.

A strong concern for professional ethics also governs the establishment of privileged relationships with both our suppliers and our customers.

WT&T’s mission is to distribute a wide and consistent range of leisure products. The range includes game software, accessories, as well as a complete range of derivative products under license from brands from the world of video games and related universes such as stuffed animals and games, collectibles and household items, relying on strong franchises.

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