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Fairy Whispers Embossed Purse (LP)

Officially Licensed Lisa Parker Fairy Whispers Embossed Purse
EAN : 801269139674
Material :
  • Officially Licensed Lisa Parker purse.
  • Featuring her Fairy Whispers artwork.
  • Spacious and stylish.
  • Multiple slots for cards and coins.


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From the untamed, enchanted imagination of world-renowned artist Lisa Parker, this stylish and practical purse was created by alternative brand Nemesis Now. On the surface of the forest floor, two magical creatures emerge and reach out to one another. A tiny Fairy stands atop a fallen tree branch as it reaches upwards, greeting an adult Unicorn which cranes downward, just close enough so that the Fairy can touch the Unicorn’s nose. The Fairy wears a flowing lavender dress with her translucent wings reflecting the moon’s light as it filters through the treeline above. As the Unicorn leans downwards its long, untamed mane follows. Behind the mystical creatures is a lush bluebell wood during twilight, completing the magical scene. The beautiful embossed detailing enhances the magic and creates a striking 3D effect while the large compartments make it a wonderfully practical piece.


Height : 19 cm
Length : 10 cm
Width : 3 cm
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