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Harry Potter Golden Snitch Collectible Tankard

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Quidditch Collectible Tankard
EAN : 801269143275
Material :
Resin w/stainless steel insert
  • Golden Snitch Quidditch Collectible Tankard
  • Officially Licensed
  • Cast in the finest resin
  • Expertly hand-painted


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Show your love for Quidditch with this beautifully crafted Golden Snitch collectable Tankard. The Golden Snitch, often simply called the Snitch, is the third and smallest ball used in Quidditch. It is a walnut-sized gold-coloured sphere with silver wings. It flies around the Quidditch field at high speeds, sometimes pausing and hovering in place. The Seeker’s goal is to catch the Snitch before the other team’s seeker, which is worth one-hundred and fifty points. The game can only end when the Snitch has been caught! The Snitch forms an elegant handle on this beautifully crafted Tankard, while the Hogwarts crest is proudly emblazoned on the front. Cast in the finest resin before being magically hand-painted, this piece is the perfect addition to any wizarding collection and can be enjoyed by witches, wizards and Muggles alike.


Height : 19 cm
Length : 15 cm
Width : 24.5 cm

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