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Crusader Goblet 18cm

Crusader Medieval Knight Chainmail Wine Goblet
EAN : 801269118457
Material :
Resin w/stainless steel insert
  • There’s never been a better way to drink like a medieval knight!
  • A fantastic addition to any kitchen.
  • This goblet is cast in the finest resin before being carefully hand-painted.
  • Comes with a dishwasher-safe stainless-steel insert for ease of cleaning.


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Created by Nemesis Now, this medieval goblet is cast in the finest resin before being painstakingly hand-painted. With a base surrounded with alternating fleur de lys and crosses, the stem rises, silver chainmail with a gold chain spiralling upwards around it. The body has the appearance of a medieval knight’s helmet, iron plates riveted firmly together. The only gap is the eye slit, with gold outlining around it ending in the fleur de lys. With a removable stainless steel insert for ease of cleaning, there’s never been a better way to celebrate like a medieval knight!


Height : 12 cm
Length : 22 cm
Width : 12 cm

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